Sunday Service Canceled 1/24/16

SUNDAY SERVICE CANCELLED-CONFERENCE CALL 11 AM The Blizzard is here so use your power of discrimination and stay warm and safe at home and join us for a brief Conference call. We'll connect discuss our Creation Steps, Goals, Silent Unity Prayer Service, and enjoy our day!
At 11 am Sunday call (641) 715-3580 enter the meeting access code 914-899-064 and join us or go online to


Make Me A Blessing,

Here's James Dillet Freeman's "Make Me A  Blessing".
A great prayer for the end of the Advent Season.

Make Me A Blessing

MAKE ME a blessing Lord!
Help me to help those needing help,
to be a blessing to my fellowmen.
Instruct me when to speak and when
To hold my speech, when to be bold
In giving and when to withhold;
And if I have not strength enough,
Then give me strength. Lord, make me tough
With my own self but tender toward
All others. Let there be outpoured
On me the gentleness to bless
All who have need of gentleness.
Give me a word, a touch to fill
The lonely life, faith for the ill,
And courage to keep hearts up though
My own is feeling just as low.
When men have bitter things to meet
And quail and would accept defeat,
Then let me lift their eyes to see
The vision of Thy victory.
Help me to help; help me to give
The wisdom and the will to live!
James Dillet Freeman

"You will be a blessing." GEN. 12:2.

Unity and the Force (Star Wars tribute)

Unity and the Force (Star Wars tribute) - YouTube: "

From the book Atom-Smashing Power of Mind by Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore:

 The scriptures of all the nations of the world testify to the existence of an invisible force. 
Not all agree as to the character of this omnipresent force, universal Spirit, but it serves the purpose of being their god under whatever name it may appear.

Not only the Scriptures that we look to for authority in our daily living 
but also the experience of ourselves and our neighbors 
proves that those who cultivate communion with the God within 
becomes conscious of the guiding light, call it what you will."

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