Wednesday, April 02, 2014

What is Unity?

What is Unity?
Marcus Bach

It is the word of Christ made new again,
The spirit of Christ reborn again;
The will of Christ revealed again,

The mind of Christ restored again,
The faith of Christ renewed again,
The law of Christ affirmed again,,
The love of Christ employed again,
To help man know himself again,

The self that is one with God.

Monday, March 31, 2014

April Prayer Drill

Here is our Prayer Drill for April. 

Each day affirm our anchor affirmation: "there is nothing lost in Spirit" and then the affirmation for that day.

There is nothing lost in Spirit.

A Prayer Drill

First Day. I dwell in the kingdom of peace and harmony today.

Second Day. No mistake of the past can disturb me today, for God's omnipresent love has wiped away all of the unpleasant things of the past.

Third Day. No past joy can steal my present joy from me, for joy is eternal.

Fourth Day. No loss of the past can take anything away from my present store of good things, for Spirit with all its substance is here now.

Fifth Day. No sin of the past can torment me, for old things have passed away, and I am a new creature in Christ Jesus.

Sixth Day. Today is real and vital, if it is filled with God's life, substance, love, and joy.

Seventh Day. I have let go of all outworn thoughts of the past, and I am being inspired with ideas of Truth by the Spirit of truth.

The Money Enigma and the Purpose of Our Study

We had a great time discussing The Enigma of Money Sunday.

Here are a few quotes for your recollection and reflection. We also agreed that without being happy you cannot be prosperous. So if you need a lift check out the video below and start clapping like we did!

“Your most important asset is
the conscious control of your own life.

Most people, whether
they are wealthy, middle class, or debt-ridden,
lack consciousness about their
 conversations, beliefs, patterns and habits about money.

  “Watch your thoughts when you are handling money,
because money is attached to you
through your mind to the one Source of all substance.”
Charles Fillmore

 Money is a means to an end, not the end itself.
You cannot eat money, and
 it cannot keep you warm or cuddle you at night.
Simply having money is not the goal.
The goal is to use it to do
whatever your heart leads you to do and
to do that which fulfills your divine purpose.

Edwene Gaines