Sunday, June 01, 2014

June Prayer Drill

A Prayer Drill for June

First Day: The power of God fills my life with glory, adjusting all my problems.

Second Day; I am not fooled by adverse appearances, for I can see God’s love shining through them.

Third Day; Visions of good are leading me into pleasant and prosperous ways, and all my paths are peaceful.

Fourth Day; My appreciation of God’s power and goodness grows larger day by day as my troubles grow smaller.

Fifth Day; I magnify God by thinking often of the reality of His unbounded love, goodness, power, and wisdom.

Sixth Day: I look ever toward the light and the shadows all fall behind me.

Seventh Day: All dark places are made light through my vision of Christ. 

It is not enough to know the Truth but to live it.

Unity Principle of Living.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

May Prayer Drill

Here's our prayer drill for May.

You'll see it works well with our study of This month's power which is "Power" and  relates to the power of the word.

Each day affirm our anchor affirmation:
No man cometh unto me save the Father send him.
and then the affirmation for that day.

No man cometh unto me save the Father send him.

First day. I am not sustained by bread alone. I am sustained also by the living words proceeding out of the mouth of God.

Second day. My words are spirit, and they are life, and they bring me a good harvest of health, happiness, and prosperity.

Third day. The Word of God now active in me heals, quickens, and strengthens my soul and body.

Fourth day. “My mouth shall speak wisdom; and the meditation of my heart shall be of understanding."

Fifth day. Let my thoughts and my words be in accord with Thy good words, my heavenly Father-God.

Six day. My words shall spring from the inspiration of the Spirit of truth and be filled with love, faith, joy, peace, courage, and health.

Seventh day. My words are courageous and helpful when I listen for the promptings of God's still small voice within me before I speak.