# 106 Forgive Us Our Trespasses with John Zenkewich

How can we be Radiant centers of Love 7 Light in the world?

One way is to forgive those who "trespass" against us.

What does trespass mean to you?

1.enter the owner's land or property without permission.

"there is no excuse for trespassing on railroad property"


2.Archaic literary:

commit an offense against (a person or a set of rules).

"a man who had trespassed against Judaic law"

synonyms:sin, transgress, offend, do wrong, err, go astray, fall from grace, stray from the straight and narrow"he would be the last among us to trespass"

To be love in the world we need to be able to forgive those who Offend, Do Wrong against us.

Are you able to do that today?

Have some fun with the idea.

Love John

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104 Happy New Year from Charles Fillmore "1920's"

This late-1920s recording is a beautiful example of Charles Fillmore preaching the Power of Positive Thinking decades before the phrase was even invented. In thirty-three seconds, Fillmore encourages his listeners to greet the New Year with faith and optimism:


“The joy of the Lord be unto you. You should begin the New Year with great enthusiasm, because you know the Truth. Forget the things that are past. Rejoice in the opportunities of the present. Many blessings are yours. Pile up those blessings in your consciousness, and they will multiply and increase until your joy will be full. God bless and keep you always.”


Thank you's for this recording goes to Sammy Smith and TruthUnity.org


"May you be a radiant center of

Light & Love in 2018!"

Rev. John & Unity LongIsland.com

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