Sunday, January 18, 2015

Opportunity: I open my mind and heart to dynamic new ideas.

I open my mind and heart to dynamic new ideas.
Sunday, January 18, 2015

By opening my heart and mind,
 I expand my spiritual vision and encompass a wider view.
 A fresh perspective allows me to perceive new and unexpected ideas.
I am no longer bound by limited thinking and see opportunities
 I might have previously missed. I am seeing with new eyes. 
When I look beyond my own needs and desires and
 strive to serve others, my intuitive nature awakens.
 I align with the inner timing of life.
I know when to wait and when to boldly move ahead.
I trust my inner guidance and relax with inner assurance.
As I expand my view to new opportunities, I proceed with full confidence.
I am happy and grateful for my positive perspective of life.

So then, whenever we have an opportunity, let us work for the good of all, and especially for those of the family of faith.—Galatians 6:10

Monday, December 29, 2014

Writing a letter to God, Myrtle Fillmore

Sometimes I have written a letter to God when I have wanted to be sure that something would have divine consideration and love and attention. I have written the letter, and laid it away, in the assurance that the eyes of the loving and all-wise Father were seeing my letter and knowing my heart and working to find ways to bless me and help me to grow.

So I suggest that you write a letter to God, putting into words that which your heart holds and hopes for. Have faith that God is seeing your letter and your heart, and that there is wisdom and power and freedom and love to accomplish that which will meet your needs. After you have placed your heart’s desires in God, don’t be anxious or worried or negative.

Don’t look for signs that He has responded. Busy yourself with the work God gives and with study and prayer develop into a real companion and a real radiator of happiness and inspiration. As you do so you become the radiating center toward which those are drawn who will add to your happiness and cooperate with you in making your life a beautiful success. Spirit intends you to be a radiating center that will draw to you whatever you need to be well and strong, successful and prosperous.

Monday, December 22, 2014

A Christmas Blessing, and Service @ 7:30 pm Christmas Eve

We hope to see you at our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service 7:30 pm @ 38 Old Country Road Garden City NY 11530.

A Unity Christmas Blessing
We bless you at Christmas with a merry heart, a heart that sings its own songs of gladness, a heart that catches the rhythm of life, a heart that is lifted, a heart that lifts up all other hearts.

We bless you at Christmas with perfect health. God is your life; in Him you live. His strength flows in you renewing, restoring, and making whole every part of you. God bless you at Christmas with perfect health. God heals you now.

We bless you at Christmas with supply. What are your needs? God is the answer. God is your supply at Christmas time. He enriches your thoughts; he prospers your affairs… Christmas is a rich season, a giving season, a receiving season. God bless you at Christmas with supply; God fill your life full to overflowing with all good things.

We bless you at Christmas with a loving spirit. With every gift you give, with everything you do to make Christmas a happy time, give the greatest gift of all you can give love.

You have a wealth of love from which to give, a view of God's own love within your heart. God's love cannot be depleted. It increases with use, God bless you at Christmas with the loving spirit that reaches out and blesses all family, friends, salespersons, bus drivers, everyone along your way.

We bless you at Christmas with fulfillment of your heart’s desire. What is the desire of your heart? Your true heart's desire is to be completely whole, a completely happy person. Your true heart's desire is to be free, to be wise, to be loving, to be understanding.
Your true heart's desire is to have a feeling of belonging, of being needed, of being worthy, of being loved. Your true heart's desire is to be as God created you a perfect spiritual being.

God bless you with the courage and the faith to be the radiant being God revealed to you as his beloved child.

We bless you at Christmas.
 We behold the Christ in you!

John, Suzanne, 
and your Friends at Unity Long Island